Welcome to Newport Sock Exchange
468 thames street
newport, r.i. 02840

Pardon us while we update our website.  If you have a question about ordering online just call us at 401-437-4400.  


Welcome to Newport Sock Exchange!


Are you retired looking to work a few extra hours.  WE WANT YOU! 

Bamboo Socks are HOT!  All NEW music themed socks in time for the Festivals.

Beatles Collection Boxes of three and six socks.  Not sold individually.  More gift box collections coming for the holidays!

Buying and Selling with Impact - Every Purchase Counts!

Every sock purchase provides funding for the Newport Coffee Cup Project Inc, a non profit organization that provides FREE transportation for our Seniors.  


NEW - SIDEKICK Socks by Solmate

Made from Recycled Cotton in the USA.  For every pair purchased Sidekick donates a pair to someone in need!  

See You at Broadway Street Fair - 10/6

No Shows .....3 for $20.00 till December.  If you purchase over $75.00 of socks receive a FREE pair of no Shows while supplies last!

Citizens Bank Pell Bridge Run Sponsor

JUST ARRIVED!  Pell Bridge custom socks.  PLUS:  We will have Bandi Pocketed Belts and Headbands!  Stash your Stuff NOT your Style!  Travel, Exercise, Errands - Hands Free!

Stop by our vendor booth and say hello!

Rattle Socks with Teethers - NEW!

That's Right!  You can buy the perfect gift for that little one.  The socks have rattles and teething rings to match!

Political Socks

Full line of Political Socks...Kennedy, Obama, Hillary, Bernie, Trump, Reagan, Rubio, Cruz,Putin, Justin Trudeau

The NEW CRAZE!  Wear one Trump and one Putin Sock or put Hillary of Left and Trump on Right for a history lesson! Also, you can now purchase POOTIN Bathroom Spray.  Make Smells disappear!

HOLIDAY SPECIAL Starts 11/1/2018

Back by Popular Demand:

Purchase over $100.00 in socks and get a FREE 3-month subscription to our PRE_IPO sock club!  NO credit card required.   Be the first to get our NEW socks!

Gift Cards

NEW: Solmate Blankets Coming Soon!

We also have fingerless mittens, scarfs, and hats!  Solmate socks are eco. friendly and American made!

Don't Risk Getting That Dreaded Gift look

We have gift cards for every occasion.  Buy Them Now so your loved ones can come back and get our NEW Spring Line of Socks! 

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Featured Products

New products are coming soon!

The Pre-IPO Sock Club!

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